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Release 1.3 of FREDi

The FREMO FREDi LocoNet Throttle firmware version 1.3 has been released. This is the first official public release.

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2007-08-20

New Source Code Snapshot Available

A new source code snapshot is available that includes Version 3 of the TV/VCR IR Throttle that can handle up to 4 IR Remotes with a 4 line LCD (only tested on a 2 line LCD) and minor fixes to compile under WinAVR-20050214

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2005-05-12

LocoDev PCB submitted to Digitrax for Certification

I have submitted a LocoDev PCB loaded with the LocoLinx (LocoBuffer work-alike) firmware. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2004-03-27

Initial LocoDev PCB Tests are OK

I have assembled the first LocoDev PCB and tested the Programming and RS232 interfaces. Initial tests are good. I will hopefully move on to testing the other interfaces over the next week

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2003-07-10

LocoNet Throttle Windows Test App Updated

I have updated the Windows Throttle module test application to include some bug fixes and support decoder functions.
This application interfaces to the LocoNet via the LbServer available from the LocoNetOverTCP project and exercises the throttle module

See Files section and Download LocoNetThrotle.exe

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2003-02-23

Partial LocoNet Throttle code available

I have committed some throttle code that drives a 16x2 LCD, has two rotary encoders for speed selection and a 4x4 keypad.

The code is not complete but it does do a few things like:
- acquire dispatched loco using A keypad button
- free the current loco using B keypad button
- select loco 1 using C keypad button
- dispatch loco 2 with D keypad button

still missing:
- cannot enter loco address on keypad - need to do the "enter a number" logic
- cannot change loco direction - need to wire up contact on each encoder's push-in action contact to what will appear to be an extra keypad row 5. The encoder push buttons will appear as "L" and "R" keys.
- cannot steal a loco that is in use - this is a pain if I forget to release the loco before I reboot or reprogram the FLASH...
- does not display or allow control of functions - run out of LCD space maybe look at using pixels on LCD for functions and keys on keypad for control.... read more

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2003-01-02

LocoNet Throttle Windows Test App Available

A Windows Throttle module test application is now available. This application interfaces to the LocoNet via the LbServer available from the LocoNetOverTCP project and exercises the throttle module

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2002-12-09

Revised LocoNet code Available

The codebase now requires avr-gcc 3.2 as it has support for the 28 Pin ATMega8, however the code still runs fine on my AT90S8535.
The LocoNet get/send functions can now be blocking or non-blocking.

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2002-09-23

Initial LocoNet code Available

An initial version of the LocoNet interface code is available in CVS that handles Receiving and LN Packets and Sending with Collision Sensing and CD Backoff

Posted by Alex Shepherd 2002-08-20