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PeeWeeLinux 0.61.1 released

PeeWeeLinux 0.61.1 contains a minor upgrade over 0.61.0. It is no longer required to have ncurses4 which makes it easier to run PeeWeeLinux with post RedHat 6.2 Linux distributions.

Posted by Adi Linden 2002-02-27

PeeWeeLinux 0.61.0 released

Packages to support streaming mp3 from file and live input were added. Minor changes to the kernel package.

Posted by Adi Linden 2001-03-06

PeeWeeLinux 0.53.24 release

PeeWeeLinux 0.53.24 contains several bug fixes in the pwlconfig scripts.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-12-18

PeeWeeLinux 0.53.23 released

Another maintenance release of PeeWeeLinux is available.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-12-17

PeeWeeLinux 0.53.21 released

The latest PeeWeeLinux release is now available. PeeWeeLinux 0.53.21 is a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes and added features and packages.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-12-03

Fix for PeeWeeLinux 0.53

If you have the 0.52 version of PeeWeeLinux you can update to the latest pwlconfig scripts by extracting this archive into the Embedded_Build directory

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-10-19

PeeWeeLinux 0.53 released

The last release had a serious problem so here is PeeWeeLinux 0.53 which handles older project.defaults files correctly and installs lilo correctly.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-10-19

PeeWeeLinux 0.52 released

New kernel packages based on linux-2.2.17. Target build functions integrated into pwlconfig. Some bug fixes.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-10-17

PeeWee Linux at Linux World Expo

PeeWee Linux was shown working on the Datalux IPIX Thin Client at the Linux World Expo and Conference ( ). The Media GX based system was operating from a 32 MB Compact Flash - configured and maintained using the PeeWee Linux configuration tool, pwlconfig. Shown were a desktop unit and wall mount unit on a 10/100 Ethernet conection. A wireless unit using the Symbol Spectrum Wireless ethernet was also seen rolling around the conference floor.

Posted by Ralph Stickley 2000-08-22

PeeWeeLinux 0.50 released

PeeWeeLinux 0.50 is the first stable release of PeeWeeLinux. It is being used in 2 commercial products. There have been many changes over the previous versions. Notably the addition of ncurses and ncurses dependent packages. Also, packages have been added to make single floppy installations possible.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-08-17

PeeWeeLinux v0.48 released

We're now up to version 0.48 of PeeWeeLinux. Many changes since the last release on Sourceforge, including package building using rpm, additional packages and many bug fixes!

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-08-07

PeeWeeLinux v0.32 released

PeeWeeLinux now has working X support with multiple Xservers to choose form. There has been some packages added for minimal system configurations.

The binary distribution now comes in two files.

The embedded-0.32-bin.tar.gz file contains the majority of packages and all the script files, etc.

The embedded-0.32-bin.supp.tar.gz file contains large application that are useful for specific embedded applications but are not necessarily associated with it. usually this are large packages like netscape. Keep in ming that the supp distribution is supplementary and relies on the binary distribution to have been installed. Read the README and README.supplement files for further information.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-03-20

PeeWeeLinux v0.30 released

Added X-Windows. Lots of other changes. Needs feedback for things to fix since there have been many changes from the previous release. Still not much for documentation. Read the changelog for full information.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-03-18

PeeWeeLinux v0.20 released

v0.20 of PeeWeeLinux is now available. A couple new packages have been added. Source are now build to PeeWeeLinux specs by applying a patch prior to compiling.

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-03-02

pwlconfig-0.82 released

The pwlconfig configuration utility has been updated. Here is the lates untested version:

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-02-01

pwlconfig 0.8

The pwlconfig configuration utility has been updated. Here is the lates untested version:

Posted by Adi Linden 2000-01-31

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