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  • Baris Akyilmaz

    Baris Akyilmaz - 2011-04-11

    Dear sergey_z,

    I'm exploring your source code. But I want to ask you a question about native methods. In some native static methods in the C code side (or others) , you're used   JavaObject *jo = (JavaObject*)*vm->DataStackPointer; and in some native methos you're used   JavaObject *jo = (JavaObject*)*vm->DataStackPointer++; clearly for exmaple in lpc2939.c file, for JavaObject *eepromDeleteSection(VM *vm) method you used JavaObject *jo = (JavaObject*)*vm->DataStackPointer++;
    but in JavaObject *eepromOpenSection(VM *vm) method you used   JavaObject *o, *jo = (JavaObject*)*vm->DataStackPointer; what are the differences between them? in Java side (lLPC2939.java) both static native methods get same size and get same type parameters (String). Can you explain tihs DataStackPointer mathematic clearly with few examples please. Thanks for your interest.


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