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Merge branch 'upstream' into store-groups

# By Magnus Henoch (18) and others
# Via Magnus Henoch
* upstream: (31 commits)
Ensure that jabber-bookmarks is loaded in jabber-jid-bookmarkname
Fix :get function for jabber-roster-default-group-name
If all accounts are already connected in jabber-connect-all, say so
Make nick coloring work in Emacs24
Don't display "added to roster" messages for initial roster population
Don't add extra newline when using STARTTLS
Fix reporting of STARTTLS negotiation errors
Fix error handling for old-style SSL/TLS connections
Support native GnuTLS for STARTTLS
s/screen/tmux/ in jabber-tmux.el
Mention tmux alerts in the documentation
Add tmux alerts
Fix build with automake > 1.11.4
Avoid groupchat buffer on RET in roster if we're not 100% sure it's a groupchat (bug 3483380)
Version 0.8.91
* jabberd.el (jabberd-handle): Update for new namespace handling.
Use namespace prefixes declared on stream root element
jabber-core: Fix header parsing
Fix :get function for jabber-roster-default-group-name
Use xml-parse-region to parse stream header


Evgenii Terechkov Evgenii Terechkov 2012-09-29

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