#26 RET on a groupchat roster item doesn't open groupchat


When I add a groupchat contact to the roster and then press RET on it, a private chat to the groupchat is opened. I think this doesn't make sense, for two reasons: 1. I'd expect entering the groupchat buffer instead of a private chat buffer; 2. Private chat to a groupchat doesn't make sense to me and is not allowed (at least on my server) anyway.

- pdm@brailcom.org


  • Evgenii Terechkov

    BTW, RET will open groupchat buffer IF you already joined MUC. And you can use 'j' and bookmarks to join conferences.

    Patch, anyone? Scheme like this: 1) join && enter muc buffer IF we not in muc 2) enter muc IF we already in muc (already work).

  • Evgenii Terechkov

    • milestone: --> Git
    • assigned_to: nobody --> evg_krsk
  • Magnus Henoch

    Magnus Henoch - 2008-09-21

    Hm, when I hit RET in the roster, on a groupchat I'm already in, I still get the 1to1 chat buffer...

    Anyway, this shouldn't be too hard. RET is bound to jabber-chat-with-jid-at-point, which could be modified to send a disco info request before. If the JID has identity conference/text, join as groupchat, else start 1to1 chat.

    The latency could be painful, though. Right now RET brings a chatbuffer instantly; the disco query could take a few seconds, which could completely break your flow. A sneaky solution could be to open a 1to1 buffer, do the query in the background, and if it turns out to be a groupchat, replace the 1to1 buffer with the groupchat one...


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