#76 URLs stop being highlighting

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URLs become plain inactive text after buffer length reaches ~30000. I checked this using (point). All URLs can't be opened with C-c RET after that, they aren't highlighted. It's a pain for active conferences. Ugly workaround: C-x C-k RET and then wait for message in that conference, a new buffer will be created with working URLs.


  • Magnus Henoch

    Magnus Henoch - 2013-01-14

    Turns out this is a feature:

    goto-address-fontify-maximum-size is a variable defined in `goto-addr.el'.
    Its value is 30000

    Maybe goto-address should have an option to look at the _last_ 30000 characters instead...

  • Magnus Henoch

    Magnus Henoch - 2014-08-01

    I had a closer look at this, and I realised that I'm calling goto-address in a less than optimal way. By default, it looks at the entire buffer, but actually I'd just need to call it for the chat message being printed right now.

    So how would the function jabber-chat-goto-address know the extent of the message being printed? It knows the end already - that's (point). But to know the beginning, the only way I could think of is to search backwards for property changes that indicate the presence of the prompt. That would be the face property being set to either jabber-chat-prompt-local or jabber-chat-prompt-foreign – except if you're using MUC nick colouring, in which case it's set to (:foreground SOME-COLOUR). Currently there isn't any other function which might want to set such a face attribute, but this still feels suboptimal to me. Perhaps there should be another attribute that explicitly indicates the presence of the prompt, and thus the start of the message – or perhaps some other mechanism for the same purpose.

    The attached patch seems to work well enough for now. I'll try to figure out the best, cleanest, way to solve this...

  • Magnus Henoch

    Magnus Henoch - 2014-08-08

    I have sort of convinced myself that the right thing to do is to mark the chat prompt as a field, and use that to figure out where to start URL highlighting. I pushed this change; let's see how that works.


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