#61 Emacs hangs on jabber-connect


I'm running emacs 22.2.1 with jabber.el not sure which. Either from a Debian package or whatever comes with emacs 22.2. (Last copyright date is 2008.) I'm on Linux.

When running behind my university's firewall I can't connect to my jabber server. If I use the gnutls option it causes emacs to hang. I get the following:

$ ps aux | grep gnutls
richard 32706 0.1 0.1 3308 1312 ? Ss 23:38 0:00 gnutls-cli -p 5223 jabber.earth.li
$ sudo netstat -t -a | grep the.earth
tcp 0 1 toverstaf.local:39222 the.earth.li:5223 SYN_SENT

Eventually, emacs starts responding again and the gnutls-cli process disappears. I guess it must timeout.

If I use openssl it doesn't connect at all. Although if I try to connect twice it does say that I'm already connected, but my roster buffer is empty and my status is 'offline'. And if I disconnect it does pause for a moment as if it were doing something.

I switched on the debugging information but all I saw was the XML connect instruction in openssl mode. I'm not sure how to get any more useful debugging information.

Is it possible to use a different port for gnutls connections to jabber servers?