#2 EMacro install in Windoze


Install seemed to fail for emacro22.tar.gz. Instructions
could be clearer.

1. copy tar file to home directory
2. using Cygwin bash: tar -xzvf emacro22.tar.gz
this makes files into ~/emacs directory
3. tried to run ~/emacs/bin/w32/install.bat (per
readme.html). Failed -- no file
4. tried to run ~/emacs/bin/w32/e-install.bat.
Failed w/ error message.
5. Couldn't find init.el file.

Finally got working after fixing two problems:
a) using .emacs not _emacs (.emacs was found)
b) "remacs" not in Windows path.

Recommendation:- clearer instructions & merge quick
start with detailed.
- state need for emacs executable to be in path as well
as browsers...
- make e-install.bat smart enough to look for & rename
.emacs files too.
I hope my feedback helps & is not an annoyance. EMacro
looks like a nice package.


  • Bruce Ingalls

    Bruce Ingalls - 2002-07-23
    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • assigned_to: nobody --> fprimus
  • Bruce Ingalls

    Bruce Ingalls - 2002-07-23

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    The only readme.html file is simply a link to
    docs/index.html. There were some old, Windows only install
    instructions. Everything was already moved into
    install.html. I did adapt your feedback into improving the docs.

    I am forwarding this to the batch file creator. Frankly, I
    am now steering people towards using the shell script under
    Cygwin, as .BATch files are underpowered.

    Many of your problems were already documented; hopefully, in
    the next release, the docs will be clearer.

  • Bruce Ingalls

    Bruce Ingalls - 2002-08-23

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    Running a batch file from Cygwin is not recommended. I made
    this more clear in the documentation.
    I also fixed install to e-install in install.html.
    I'm not sure why it can't find init.el. What happens, when
    you type
    dir %HOME%
    I'm not sure, what "remacs" is; I don't think that is an
    EMacro problem. My guess is that you invoked the unix script
    e-install, which tries to run (x)emacs, after installing it.
    The w32 batch file does not try to run (x)emacs.
    I made some changes, and did some testing under Windows. Let
    me know, if the v2.3.2beta release works for you.
    I don't think Emacs needs to be in the PATH. I believe the
    docs are now clearer, that browsers, and other programs need
    to be in the PATH.
    I can't make e-install.bat any smarter, (as regards .emacs
    vs _emacs) because w32 is dumber. e-install (unix) is
    smarter, however.
    I'm not sure why _emacs doesn't work for you. This is what
    (X)Emacs do(es) to get around W32 shortcomings, and falls
    outside the scope of EMacro.

    For any further explanation of the PATH, users who do not
    understand "command not found" need documentation support
    beyond the scope of EMacro. They might not understand how to
    use a fully functioning (X)Emacs.

  • Bruce Ingalls

    Bruce Ingalls - 2002-08-23
    • status: open --> closed

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