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xemacs is installed on one of our redhat linux servers. I downloaded the slackware linux version of emacro ( emacro-2004-7-slackware) and unzipped it.  How do I run/install emacro???  There is no documentation other than this item below.





EMacro easily configures your .emacs setup file for the Emacs or XEmacs editor systems, which run on most computers. The first time you install and run (X)Emacs + EMacro, it saves your answers to a few basic questions, such as user name. EMacro enables popular elisp modules with sane defaults automatically for you. It is that simple.


This is not very informative!


If there is a pointer to installing emacro, please send it to me. I know nothing about emacs/xemacs other than I was considering it as my default editor on linux instead of vi. I’m sure people who routinely install configuration packages know how to do this, but emacro is supposed to simplify all that.







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