Error when starting

Isaac Ben
  • Isaac Ben

    Isaac Ben - 2003-09-12

    I've been running into this error for the last several builds. Currently I'm using 2.8.0 with emacrolibs 0.9 and xemacs 21.4.12.  I can't seem to trace this problem down.  Any suggsetions would be aprreciated
    Here is the error:

    (1) (error/warning) Error in `pre-command-hook' (setting hook to nil): (wrong-type-argument stringp release-toolbar-button)

    And here is the debug-info:

      string-match(mouse-track "M-x")
      (if (string-match this-command "M-x") (quote nil) (if (eq type ...) (if ... ...) (if zmacs-region-active-p ...)))
      (let ((type ...) (ro buffer-read-only) (supersede nil)) (if (string-match this-command "M-x") (quote nil) (if ... ... ...)) (if supersede (setq this-command ...)))
      (if (and CUA-mode (symbolp this-command)) (let (... ... ...) (if ... ... ...) (if supersede ...)))
      (condition-case err (if (and CUA-mode ...) (let ... ... ...)))

    • Bruce Ingalls

      Bruce Ingalls - 2005-01-03

      This had been in the documentation.
      This should only happen once, each first time you start with XEmacs. This is due to a bug in the alpha release of cua-mode.el. Disable cua-mode.el, by moving it out of your load path, if this bothers you, or switch to Emacs.


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