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  • Jose E. Gonzalez

    Hi Armando,

    I think we should include something comparing Elvyx to IronTrack. IronTrack is no longer in use but there is a lot of people that used it and have been waiting for a replacement.

    Additionally, this is taken from the old IronTrack web site and I think it's a good description of Elvyx as well:
    IronTrack SQL increases the visibility of performance problems from build to build through time-based views of JDBC performance metrics. IronTrack SQL easily enables Java performance tuning by displaying database usage over time, Overlaying and comparing performance datasets, and embedding performance testing with no source code changes.

    But Elvyx do not require P6spy and it's easier to setup on a server.

    • rafko

      rafko - 2007-03-08

      I'm using the P6spy and it allow to wrap DataSource interface, but unfortunatelly I cannot see such a functionality in the Elvyx :-( This is great to create replacement for the P6spy (it stopped development around 2003) anyway :-)

      The Eclipse plugin is a good idea as well!


    • Armando Perdomo

      Armando Perdomo - 2007-04-27

        I am missing something in this requirement. Could you give more details about this? What functionalities are you expecting? The DataSource interface has only 6 methods:

        public Connection getConnection() throws SQLException
        public Connection getConnection(String username, String password) throws SQLException
        public PrintWriter getLogWriter() throws SQLException
        public int getLoginTimeout() throws SQLException
        public void setLogWriter(PrintWriter out) throws SQLException
        public void setLoginTimeout(int seconds) throws SQLException

      The datasource wrapper was implemented but I don't see useful information on it. The useful data come from getConnection, but this data can be collected inside the Connection wrapper. Let me know what you think.

      Thanks, Armando

    • David Newcomb

      David Newcomb - 2007-09-06

      rafko is correct. There is no proper Elvyx DataSource wrapper. The current implementation wraps a real DataSource object, but it is useless as it returns real connections. An ElvyxDataSource should wrap a real datasource but it should return ElvyxConnections which can be tracked.

      For those of you who are interested in DataSource, ConnectionPoolDataSource, PooledConnections and ConnectionPoolDataSource I will be checking in the new code sometime next next. Watch this space!

    • David Newcomb

      David Newcomb - 2007-09-06

      next next - next week!


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