Commit Date  
[r345] by laranzu

Just noticed bug in i18n code if no locale found

2012-05-14 05:08:38 Tree
[r344] by oneartplease

added missing layout xml

2012-04-22 18:24:41 Tree
[r343] by oneartplease

classpath fix for relative library includes, vlc temp fix for new libvlc version

2012-04-02 09:18:38 Tree
[r342] by oneartplease

diegos fix for displaying image icons

2012-04-02 09:09:26 Tree
[r341] by laranzu

Added a couple more ratios to the fit code

2012-03-31 01:06:21 Tree
[r340] by laranzu

Allow extra pixels vertically when fitting to window due to Elphel weird 1920x1088 format

2012-03-31 00:56:34 Tree
[r339] by laranzu

Show single eye at 100% opacity in blended mode

2012-03-31 00:47:12 Tree
[r338] by laranzu

Updated i18n files

2012-03-29 23:17:49 Tree
[r337] by laranzu

Changed blend factors so both eyes have same intensity when viewed individually

2012-03-29 22:45:39 Tree
[r336] by laranzu

Added menu commands and shortcut keys to toggle left/right eye frame visibility

2012-03-29 07:10:23 Tree
[r335] by laranzu

Rendering and layout code rewritten and cleaned up to handle edge cases

2012-03-29 06:51:11 Tree
[r334] by laranzu

Rendering code rewritten (again) to try and fix weird de-Bayering problem

2012-03-29 04:32:54 Tree
[r333] by laranzu

Can now exit from fullscreen mode as well as enter

2012-03-26 06:18:49 Tree
[r332] by oneartplease

Settings Resolution and Whitebalance works now

2012-03-06 14:57:35 Tree
[r331] by oneartplease

more progress

2012-03-06 12:19:01 Tree
[r330] by oneartplease

deleted old dir

2012-03-06 10:43:44 Tree
[r329] by oneartplease

new shutter slider image

2012-03-06 10:43:08 Tree
[r328] by oneartplease

more files

2012-03-06 10:21:10 Tree
[r327] by oneartplease

more files

2012-03-06 10:16:48 Tree
[r326] by oneartplease

more project files and source code
contains ported from Elphelvision

2012-03-04 16:37:33 Tree
[r325] by oneartplease


2012-03-03 17:52:00 Tree
[r324] by oneartplease

finally a fix for Gstreamer based playback of the cameras realtime stream

2012-02-08 16:32:59 Tree
[r323] by oneartplease

replaced IP Dialog with a new one

2012-01-15 15:22:56 Tree
[r322] by oneartplease

Layout fix

2012-01-15 11:20:35 Tree
[r321] by oneartplease

removed replaced files

2012-01-15 10:48:31 Tree
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