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Elphel reconfigurable cameras / News: Recent posts

Verilog, PHP, Sensors and Gamma Correction

Tho new Elphel articles are published in LinuxDevices madazine: "Elphel camera under the hood: from Verilog to PHP" ( , it describes the internals of Elphel cameras) and "How many bits are really needed in the image pixels?" ( , it discusses what information can be obtained from each image pixel and why gamma correction is important regardless of the characteristics of the monitors)... read more

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2009-02-11

RSS feed for Elphel projects

Elphel now has RSS feed ( ) automatically generated from the commits to the project CVS repository at Sourceforge.

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2008-12-11

Elphel at Google Tech Talks

Andrey Filippov spoke about Elphel at Google Tech Talks, video recording of the presentation is available online:

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2007-09-13

Elphel Model 353 Cameras

Initial software is released for the new Elphel Model 353 cameras ( ).
New hardware is described in ElphelWiki at

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2007-02-28

New Live CD ISO available for download

New Live CD (based on Knoppix 4.0.2) is designed to run new AJAX interface for Elphel Model 333 cameras and has the DVR server for video recording. The CD image is available at:

It also includes the current firmware for the 333 cameras - V. 6.4.34

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2006-03-25

Auto exposure and Video API

Model 333 cameras now have configurable automatic exposure adjustment. They also support Video API compatible with the 3-rd party software.

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2005-12-12

Frame rate bug fixed

All of the MJPEG releases for the Model 333 cameras (Ogg Theora was OK) had the bug that effectively slowed down streaming by a factor of two (each other frame was dropped by the compressor). This bug is fixed in the revision 6.4.12 of the elphel333mjpeg package.

Posted by Andrey Filippov 2005-11-22

Remastered Knoppix 4.0 and script for remastering released

New version of bootable live linux CD based on Live DVD Knoppix 4.0 released.
The CD also contain patched mplayer compiled with RTP/RTSP streaming support, network scripts patched for multicast streams and last firmware for elphel network cameras. Some changes made for better support for russian and chinese.
Download iso image:
Script for make CD from Knoppix DVD or CD

Posted by Sergey Khlutchin 2005-07-17

Live Linux CD with camera access

1st version of bootable live linux CD with elphel camera support created. Bootable CDROM based on Knoppix
and also includes patched mplayer and network configuring scripts.
New cameras will be supplied with this CD.
With our package "live-cd" You can make this CDROM from Knoppix CD or iso image.... read more

Posted by Sergey Khlutchin 2004-09-20