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+This demo shows how to aquire a raw and uncompressed image with bayer pattern from the sensor. R,B and G share the same value so the image appears monochrome.<br/>
+<br />
+<a href="raw.php">Download RAW Image
+<? echo "(".elphel_get_P_value(ELPHEL_WOI_WIDTH)."x".elphel_get_P_value(ELPHEL_WOI_HEIGHT).")</a><br /><br />"; ?>
+Save the file locally and read it with your own software. These are raw values (RGB) sequencially added to the file (8 bits per color channel) without any header.<br />
+<br />
+or open it in Photoshop:<br />
+	<LI>no header</LI>
+	<LI>8 bits per channel (1 byte)</LI>
+	<LI>width + 4 and height + 4</LI>