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can i change the stream format ... where?

  • Esteban M. Correa

    hi, I am developing a java application that acces to my elphel by rtsp.

    The problem is in java, beacause this camera give the stream in mjpeg...

    Can i change the stream format to another...?

    esteban correa

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi !

      What model of camera?
      In the 333 model was the possibility of using AXIS API ( (see elphel wiki by switcihg to this mode)

      Also you can try using JMF (

      Best regars Victor (vvvictor)

    • Sebastian Pichelhofer

      You might be interested in the ElphelVision Software for the Apertus Project. It is a Java application that displays the live video stream with mplayer in slave mode and sends/retrieves commands to/from camera via http:

      Source code is available under GPL in the SVN tree of the elphel project on sourceforge.


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