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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Setup 313 elphel camera, running viewer on
    Camera contains elphel_6.2.15.  I down loaded ElphStreamer
    trying   ./ElphStreamer -w work? Do I need to move to 6.2.16?
    Things seem to start ok

    Streamer starting...
    16:45:44.944-rtp-6: Created database entry for ssrc 0x1df23935 (1 valid sources)
    Sending to port 20000 (local SSRC = 0x1df23935)
    Streamer using DRIVER for access to data
    Parameters readed: type=1 dri=0 frameW=512 frameH=384 Q=50 sensor: width=1600 height=1200

    mplayer /tmp/*.mpeg plays local images but

    mplayer elphel:// -fps 50 -vo sdl  - doesn't, (running as root)

    Playing elphel://
    [demuxer] ELPHEL Camera support.
    *** 20000 ***
    [demux_rtp_elphel] test message 10:46:09 AM.004-rtp-6: Created database entry for ssrc 0x48457f0c (1 valid sources)
    SDL: Using driver: x11
    Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
    Selected video codec: [ffmjpeg] vfm:ffmpeg (FFmpeg MJPEG decoder)
    Audio: no sound
    FPS forced to be 50.000  (ftime: 0.020).
    Starting playback...

    I get the font error messages and I am not sure
    what to put in the *desc file.

    Any suggestions?


    Frank Bennett

    • Latin Andy

      Latin Andy - 2004-05-12

      First step -try use unicast
      On Elphel streamer you can set address of host, where running mplayer
      And mplayer start with parameters

      ./mplayer elphel:// ...

      After you may try multicast
      May be your routers not translated multicast?
      Try ping -  you can receive reply from camera.  If no - configure yuors routers(switches)
      Second way - you can use mrouted on hosts

    • Latin Andy

      Latin Andy - 2004-05-12

      And more
      >I get the font error messages and I am not sure
      >what to put in the *desc file.
      You can put any *.ttf   font (rename it) into
      (or in .mplayer/ in home directory users)
      for support subtitles

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think that problem is not fonts. It's just a last message seen.. After that message mplayer looks for multicast net and cannot find it (ping doesn't work), so you need to add this net to your system routing table.


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