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A couple of dev utilities

  • Anonymous - 2004-05-01

    I've been using a couple of small utilities/libraries while developing for the Elphel 313 that I thought I'd share....

    HawkNL -
    This is a small, portable C network library. Runs on the camera with no modification (and I've got a makefile for the axis build if anyone needs it). Very nice for quickly developing the network layer so you can deal with the actual images coming across.

    sntpdate -
    I needed to be able to synchronize camera time to a centralized server, and I found this. It's a small ntp client made specifically for the axis platform.

    Just thought I'd give back what I've found so far. :)

    • Andrey Filippov

      Andrey Filippov - 2004-05-01

      Hi Kyle, nice to see you here!
      Is it so that you were using udp with the camera? How fast you were able to make ETRAX100LX send out the data with that protocol?
      What are you results in synchronizing the cameras? Do you know that the master oscillator in the camera can be fine-tuned by software?

    • Anonymous - 2004-05-01

      Actually, I ended up using TCP just because it was easier to poll for disconnections. Each camera will only be talking to one client, so I can take the extra bandwidth hit without a problem. With that setup, I've got synchronized cameras running at 40FPS@640x480 on my dual screen video player. That's 4x the speed I was aiming for, so I'm happy. :)

      Synchronizing the cameras ended up being incredibly simple, I didn't have to do anything special at all. I decided to try the easiest solution first, keeping the 2 cameras at the exact same settings. I had the client I wrote request image captures from both cameras at approx. the same time.  I havn't benchmarked it to see the exact amount of jitter between matching frames, but I can set FPS to any value and not see any noticable difference.

      I've got a whole bunch of code amassed from my work with the cameras over the last month, once this current project is over I'm going to try to sort things out and try to send what I've done over. I've got a Qt based video client that I wrote that seems to work nicely (on everything but macs, which is unfortunatly my target platform at the moment, so I'm using an OpenGL video player I developed there) that might be of interest, as well as the software I've written for the cameras. 


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