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  • Andrey Filippov

    Andrey Filippov - 2004-04-28

    This discussion is intended to answer various technical questions related to the Elphel cameras - software and hardware features, problems or possible applications. At Elphel we'll do our best to answer these questions promptly.
    It is also likely that other users of the cameras or software developers know the solution to your current camera-related problem or are doing or have already done something similar to what you need.

    If you have any commercial questions about the products such as ordering or pricing information - please email them directly to Elphel at the address posted at http://www.elphel.com

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am interested in performing high speed double or multiple exposures for particle imaging velocimetry with an MCP intensified camera.
      My images are bright particles on a perfecectly black background.

      I would like to know wether a camera such as
      elphel 303 MCP intensified camera can do two or more very short exposures (say 100 nsec exposure time for each) in sequence separated by time lapses of say 1 microsecond. It is undertsood that these multiple exposures will all be registered on a single frame. If so how many exposures can I register on a single frame and is there the possibility to set up a short sequence of "arbitrary" exposure times and time lapses.

      best regards    Marco Natali
      ICIS CNR Padova , Italy


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