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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am Daniel. I can't create a new account right now.

    I would like to capture images at 10 fps and live broadcast it.
    but have a better picture at a faster rate

    I tried to write a Java program that keep reloading the URL which I found in the index.html of the camera.

    The result is quite slow. When I set the refresh rate is 1 second. It ends up with like 10 seconds per picture.

    I would like to know:
    1. Do I have write own C program for the camera to have a better performance? Or there is other simple solution.

    2. In the index.html. I found the Video Clip and Live Lan Video. What are their differences? Are they live broadcast?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-09-10

      I really can't see you getting 10FPS trying to go through the HTML window, since the web interface isn't really optimized for fast sending.

      I wrote a picture sender for the camera that I could comment and send you, that you could then interface with a java program. The interface is pretty simple, and I got 40+ FPS off of it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks a lot! Could you send it to

    • Andrey Filippov

      Andrey Filippov - 2004-09-10

      "Video Clip" and "Live LAN Video" were present in older version of the software. You may want to download and install the latest one (there were many bug fixes and new features added - both in software and FPGA code).
      There is a webcam mode implemented in alexlp streamer.


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