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Uwe Arzt
  • Uwe Arzt

    Uwe Arzt - 2005-07-12


    i have some questions about the actual Cameras. FIrst i describe the desired use of the camera(s).

    1. High speed videos from Karate board breaking. It will be great to have >= 100fps@vga and >= 300fps@qvga. This videos will be played in a PC and also converted to DVD.

    2. Computer stereo vision. 2 cameras for stereo reconstruction and machine vision.

    now the questions:

    - which camera/sensor combination ist the best for high speed videos?
    - is it possible to synchronzie two cameras?
    - is it possible to multicast/brodcast a video to different receivers via udp?
    - which tools are available for converting theora to dvd?
    - which tools are availbale for converting framerates etc?
    - is it possible to shp to germany?

    Thanks in advance


    • Andrey Filippov

      Andrey Filippov - 2005-07-13

      Hi Uwe,

      I'll try to answer some of you questions. We currently use Micron MT9T001 - complete datasheet (with frame rate calculations) is available at manufacturer's web site -
      The model 333 camera can support full range of the sensor operational modes.

      Yes, it is possible to synchronize two cameras but some software is still needed.

      Yes, several receivers can get udp stream from the camera.

      I don't know about particular conversion tools (you may look/ask on Theora web site), but it is also possible to stream plain old MJPEG from the cameras if needed.

      Shipment to Germany is possible too.



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