• Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, I am still a beginner in the world of Elphel camera’s. The first step to get it working, is I like to use the AXIS commands as it is probably a lot easier to start with. Running a basic command like
    should theoretically return a jpg image in the browser. However I get the 500 Server Error message. Can someone point me in the correct direction. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Mark Hereld

      Mark Hereld - 2006-09-18

      hmm... i actually posted with pretty much the same question minutes after you did.  it turns out that on some of my cameras i am able to get images with .../axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi

      with 320x240 i get "error: no correct resolution 320x240"
      similarly with 800x600
      but 1024x768 works fine

      the camera and compression params result in same error.  so implementation is not complete.

      nonetheless, i have one camera that doesn't seem to even listen to the jpg/image.cgi request, returning the same 500 Server Error message you got

      -- mark

      • Andrey Filippov

        Andrey Filippov - 2006-09-18

        You may need to switch between two alternative APIs (my ccam.cgi and Video API based on Axis one) - these APIs may conflict with each other.

        ccam.cgi-based software is currently better supported. In the 6.5.x version (under development now - available in CVS) FPGA code supports 5MPix sensors (12-bit data),  "gamma" tables are improved and it is possible to get raw images in 16-bit mode (there was a bug in this code for quite some time).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks, for the help


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