Recording/capturing footage

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm not able to get the DVR to work, because the DVR pop-up window keeps popping up every time I hit record.
    I am able to capture perfectly using the capture button in some table opened in a new window.

    But.. it seems that the older control panel would be much more suitable for my purposes and perhaps solve the recording issue. I mean this panel:

    But somehow I'm not able to find that control panel.  How is that possible?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Today I used flash-it and tried the three versions on the live dvd.
      Now I get another control panel when I hit the camera on the desktop. But now I don't get an image or stream at all.
      This is what I get now:

      I hope someone knows more about this.. thanks

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I can record ok with the DVR, did you first make the hard drive writable - then export the DVR program to the desktop from the camera - then move the DVR icon over the HDisk icon? This will install the DVR program on the hard drive (it will ask for you to create a password). I have a feeling that the DVR will be replaced. Its not that reliable if your recording a lot & for me at least it just stops without warning. A tip that may help later when editing is to record 1GB files rather then 100mb ones (this is only a few minutes).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, I did all the steps you describe and I still get the pop-up message.


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