Command line / C-Code programming

  • Hi, I'm trying to use this camera in the lowest level possible.

    Is there a repository of command-line binaries or .sh code that I can take a look at?
    Is it possible to program these cameras in C or do we have to use the PHPs included in them? If so, where can I find a tutorial on how to use these PHPs?


    • Hi,

      It is definitely possible (and rather easy) to write C/C++ application fro the camera. I would recommend using the project with KDevelop - it is configured and easy to navigate the source code. After you install the source tree from either a tarball or CVS (there is a script to install from CVS ) and build software from the command line, you may run prep_kdevelop.php in the top installation directory (yes, you need PHP on your computer) - it will prepare elphel353.kdevelop and other required files (it will report missing applications).

      In that KDevelop project there are multiple applications and drivers you can look through, modify or add your own.

      Unfortunately there is no nice C library equivalent to PHP extension - this is why it may be easier to use PHP were elphel_*() extension functions ( ) handle low-level communication with the camera part of the system. And sure you can use that PHP extension as an example of interfacing the camera driver.