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  • Esteban M. Correa

    hi, I'm esteban correa and I'm working with a elphel camera (353) in my degree project for the university... well, my question is how to get a single snapshot in high resolution while simultaneously  i'm saving it with camogm in lower resolution ???

    i wish hear some options for do this, because i did it with a bash script which reprogram the sensor for get the photo and reprogram again for continue saving the video, and unfortunately i lost some frames between the transition in the test that I made it.

    thanks for all

    actually mi mail is :

    • polto

      polto - 2009-04-27

      Hi !

      It is possible to do with minimal delays possible on the sensor side with a simple PHP script in 8.0 firmware. (so make sure you are using the latest 8.0 and not 7.1 firmware)

      Please check this script

      I also suggest this article for better understanding of the feature of the new firmware:

      Best regards,

    • Esteban M. Correa

      hi! I check the snapfull.php in the camera... and I made some modifications to this and the imgsrv.c ... the php script send the full resolution photo to the imgsrv and this save the photo in disk. My problem is that i dont know how to call this snapfull.php from the elphel's linux shell? because i have a script that should get the full resolution image while streaming is save it without using any browser...

      if someone have some advice to do this... i would appreciated

      best regards

      Esteban Correa

      • polto

        polto - 2009-05-22

        The simple way with no any modification is to use wget on the camera:

        "wget -O /var/hdd/image_`date %+s`.jpg"

        You can make a shell script, something advanced or just as stupid as:
        "while true; do wget -O /var/hdd/image_`date %+s`.jpg; sleep 1m; done"

        to autostart your script at boot time use: /etc/launcher.conf.xml



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