Kelsie Flynn - 2016-04-19

mythtv vs ffretv

While I wasn't paying attention sometime in the past. The mythtv devs added a layer of accountability. The releases that I have been monitoring have changlogs that would make most devs proud. I'm very impressed with the quality of what I've been trying lately..

Plenty of the reasons I wanted to fork mythtv.....
The largest factor to my frustration was because I felt some of the basics of mythtv were being LEFT BEHIND in favor of whatever the latest and greatest was. And since I communicate like a Cowboy, I didn't help much the way they needed to hear it.

Anywho, 2016.

I have little reason to rant about mythtv basic quality.

Because "They(DEVS) have responded with a resounding:"


I would like to say:

"Yes. Acutally I am. You dudes look better as a result too."

"You earned the right for me to STFU about you, at least for a while, by your demonstrative desire to change for the better."

Thank you MYTHTV DEVELOPERS for making mythtv proper the best MYTHTV yet.

As such. Most if not all ffretv projects will be transitioning to mythtv-0.27.X, to follow the leaders.
I still have purpose(s) that are likely seperate from theirs with my hobbies, which would not be possible without FSF & GPL.


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