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32bit Dom0 NetBSD Xen Host Testing 3.x &4 .x

NetBSD Note:

Xen and a NetBSD PAE enabled dom0 works on x86-32, tested with 3.x and 4.x.


Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2016-06-03

ffretv /mythtv 0.19 native binaries for NetBSD

After a challenging effort.
I have a messy set of native binaries ;including mythbackend from mythtv-0.19 running on NetBSD on the armv7 arch. .....
*Note for the curious. yes it's old code I've started with. I needed a small code baae to work with to start out. I will be adding newer qt and code/features as I see fit as they are made work on NetBSD.
Expect Networking Only Tunner Support for now. I'll be backporting the HDHR code first, then iptv...... read more

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2015-08-14 Labels: mythtv on netbsd NetBSD mythbackend mythtv ffretv kelsie flynn Unix BSD xBSD Port