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elmer1.1.5 released

elmer1.1.5 has been released and includes the following changes:

- Fixed C-mode call which returns double to use correct Python/C API (thanks to David Chase)
- Added code to allow for multiple "elmerized" Python modules to be used in the same C application in C mode without the use of a top-level Python module to import them into a single Python module. (thanks again to David Chase)
- Improved interface file parser slightly to understand whitespace in formatting better
- Fixed bug so -test can be used
- Fixed bug so -frozen requires a python file to be specified
- Added testcases for -frozen and interface file parser... read more

Posted by Rick Ratzel 2004-10-26

elmer1.1.2 now available

Added handling of -O and -OO for Python optimization modes, added -E to stop "freeze" from freezing a Python module if other Python modules it depends on cannot be found, bug fix for Tcl mode. See release notes/changelog:


Posted by Rick Ratzel 2004-04-16

elmer 1.1.0 is now available

Elmer allows Python code to run from C or Tcl, as if it was written in C or Tcl. Function calls and data types, both native and custom, pass transparently between the two languages.

elmer1.1.0 changes: A C-mode bug involving the use of Py_XDECREF was fixed. A backwards-compatible C-mode enhancement was added, allowing the user to let elmer return unique object IDs for referencing objects in C. (See the "readerMain.c" example in the manual.) The detection of a Python installation in configure was improved. The --enable-frozen option now defaults to "no" for configure. The documentation was updated.... read more

Posted by Rick Ratzel 2003-04-22

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