Plot charge density in ELK

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  • Karim Elgammal

    Karim Elgammal - 2013-06-13

    sorry guys, it was stupid question, the answer was easily available in manual.

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    • Sean

      Sean - 2013-06-25

      How exactly DO you plot it? I know how to get the output, but I'm not sure how to plot the data.

      • Karim Elgammal

        Karim Elgammal - 2013-07-07

        Dear Sean;
        actually, I found that it is very easy to plot it, using OpenDX.
        just check this tutorial for using OpenDX (the first part is more than enough).

        and remember to check plot2d block in the manual if you want to modify it otherwise, you will get the default values.

        sorry for delay, I just got this now.

  • Karim Elgammal

    Karim Elgammal - 2013-07-04

    Dear Sean;
    sorry for late reply...but I tried many and I couldn't plot the 2D or 3D till now..
    I ploted the 1D simply using gnuplot..but for the 2D and 3D I got idea that I should try to convert the format to 'xsf' format which can be represented in xCrysden..
    Also, in FAQ, it is written that OpenDX is useful in this, but I am still stuck with managing it..
    But seems that idea of xsf format promising..
    sorry man, I am not well experienced. I hope users here can help us.


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