Alexander Reinhold

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As shown above, the library is separated in several layers with a couple of bundles in each layer.


  • Features
    • Polytope generation in V- and H-representation (cube, prism, pyramid, sphere etc.)
    • Basic operations: move, rotate, scale, Minkowski addition
    • Numerical tools: reduction of representation, scaling
  • Dependencies
    • qhull (integrated in MATLAB), cddlib (included in this library): conversion between H- and V-representation (very often applied)


System Tools
Required: MATLAB, C compiler
Recommended: Linux

MATLAB toolboxes
* MD-toolbox (required)

  • mpt-toolbox: contains almost everything for polytope operations; elk library started with mpt-toolbox as it's core; it was decided to include cddlib directly (mpt-toolbox also relies on cddlib)


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