I have big problem with debian installation on my new mbp 4,1. I've had a 15GB partition made by BootCamp. I've installed rEFIt 0.11. Debian installation is going smooth till GRUB/LILO installation. GRUB returns -1 error on 50% of installation and LILO returns a critical error. I accidentally installed elilo witch changed my system order in rEFIt - Linux is 1st: Boot EFI\debian\elilo.efi

I've decided to remove all additional partitions: I've merged 3 linux partitions (/, /home, swap) and used DiskUtility under Leopard to merge all partitions into 1 HFS+ partition.

But when I restart a computer it still shows me Boot EFI\debian\elilo.efi - even after resyncimg MBR with GPT

Firmware Restoration is not available for new MBP revisnion yet..

How to completly remove elilo ?