Able to boot Linux on MacIntel with elilo?

  • ericlaicw

    I'm a reporter with Computerworld, looking to speak to people that are trying to get ELILO to get Linux running on MacIntel, and their experiences, whether successful or not quite there yet.

    We can talk on whatever basis you feel comfortable, i.e. on or off the record.

    You can reach me at or my work tel: 510-768-2818. Best of luck to you all.

    • vkangin

      Eric, did you get any positive reply? I could not find any successful case in internet. ;(


    • I tried loading elilo over the network into an iMac.

      I got basically two results:

      - the firmware unable to load elilo - keeps trying, globe flashing on the mac screen

      - the firmware stops loading elilo - globe is not flashing anymore, it is displayed forever on the screen. Pressing enter resumes non-network boot.

      I ma not sure what is the second case. Net loader crashed? elilo crashed?

      Whatever happens the elilo config file is never loaded from the server.

    • Ian Stewart
      Ian Stewart

      I had the same problem, except I was using rEFIt on top of it all, and there's some sort of error after it finishes loading the initrd.img.  The rEFIt EFI shell will actually show you what it's doing when it boots.  I'm trying to find a way to get it to work, and if I have any luck I'll post back.