Julien Leduc - 2004-10-05

Hi, I am adapting some cluster deployment tools on Itanium, and I use an elilo bootstrap loaded through the network to boot kernel+initrd from an ext2 partition on the first of the 2 scsi drives.
I would like to know which version support this functionality, and if you could explain me how to load the kernel on the 3rd partition of the first scsi drive, assuming it is gpt partitioned (only with primary partitions) and when it is msdos partitioned.
Moreover, I would like to load kernels from logical partitions under a msdos scheme; I would like to know if it is possible, and how to achieve it.
For the moment, I just load kernel/initrd from the network but it is bandwith consuming with a 100 nodes cluster.
If you require more information, let me know.