#11 GopProtocol failed on x86_64 MacBook 3.1



I'm trying to run single boot linux using elilo on my MacBook 3.1. I've compiled linux kernel (2.6.28-gentoo-r1, becouse i'm using gentoo linux) with efi upport. I've put kernel image in to \EFI\gentoo\boot\vmlinux, and rest of elilo file (like elilo.efi, elilo.conf) in to \EFI\gentoo\ on efi partition and reboot the system.

After reboot I'v run rEFIt (becouse my hadr drive isn't visible in "native" boot mgr) from live cd, select image that whas conneted with \EFI\gentoo\elilo.efi; start booting system and get something like this:

system.c (line 208): LocaleHandle GopPeotocol failed.

I'm using elilo 3.8 from gentoo portage (with my small modification of ebuild that it builds on ~amd64).


  • jfly

    jfly - 2009-03-25

    EFI x86_64 was only implemented at the UEFI 2.0 spec nothing earlier.
    Since there are NO macbooks that are at the UEFI 2.0 spec and in fact are on an Apple created Hybrid of EFI 1.10 it is impossible for you to run elilo x86_64 code on it. All of the elilo x86_64 EFI API calls provided by gnu-efi-3.0d and greater are all UEFI2.0 based. This isnt an elilo problem, sorry.

  • jfly

    jfly - 2009-03-25
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