Joseph Koshy

libdwarf by Example

Planning notes for a tutorial covering DWARF concepts and the DWARF(3) API.

Concepts to be covered:

  • Addresses
    • differences with that on the native host
    • size of
    • manipulation of
  • Compilation Units (CU)
    • what they are
    • version numbers
    • accessing information about CUs
    • using DIEs to describe CUs
  • Debugging contexts
    • Allocation of
  • Debugging information entry (DIE)
    • Tree structure via child/sibling links.
  • Errors
    • Returning errors via an error argument.
    • Setting an error handler to catch errors.
  • File structure
    • Addressing objects inside a file
    • Layout of content
    • Sequencing of information
  • Offsets
    • CU-relative
    • section relative
  • Overview of API.
  • Sections in use
    • Contents
    • Standard names
  • Tags
    • how used
    • legal values
    • where found in file
  • Types in the API (i.e., Dwarf_XX)
    • Meanings & intended use of each type
  • Version numbers
    • where used

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