Hi All,

Just joined the list and this is my first list so forgive me if I'm going about this wrong. I was wondering if it would be a valuable feature to add something along the lines of a type dump to the readelf utility. Often times especially on embedded systems when looking at a memory dump it's useful after seeing a heap node that's been allocated for an object to have a nice print out of the structure arrangement to see what all the different member variable values are. I was thinking something along the lines of this:

struct MyStruct
    offset: 0x00, size: 4   int     member1
    offset: 0x04, size: 4   int     member2
    offset: 0x08, size: 12 int[3] arraymember

    struct size: 20

Something along those lines for all the types in each of the compilation units. I have a custom version of this already developed before I found out about the elftoolchain and it is very helpful for debugging full system crashes on embedded systems especially. I can provide more use case information about this if necessary. Was just wanting to get a general feel for what you guys thought of this? I can prototype it probably pretty quickly. Would you like to see it as an optional to readelf or maybe a seperate app? Let me know. I'd love to help on the project so even if you guys don't like this idea maybe there's a specific beginner issue that I could tackle. I am pretty familiar with ELF/DWARF formats since I've written the above type utility. Thanks for your time!