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New Release

This should fix the problems encountered with Python 3.5 64-bit version that caused an error in KLUSolve.. Possibly also fixes problems with 64-bit MS Office (need someone to test).

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-04-20

New Release: Posted

The Installer has been updated to build

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-03-18

Chinese versions of the OpenDSS Primer

Huijuan Li has recently translated Jason Sexauer's Primer for OpenDSS into both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. You can find these documents here:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-03-18

COM Interface -- Finding your way through all the properties

Excel VBA is very good at prompting you for the OpenDSS COM interface properties and methods. But if you are working in Python or MATLAB you may find it difficult to remember or figure out the property names. Andrea Ballanti has put together a very nice TechNote on ways to see the list of properties in these languages as well:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-03-18

CN and TS Cable Modeling

We've just posted a technote by Andrea Ballanti on how to model two types of underground cable in OpenDSS. Many users should find this useful as these models are not explained in the user's manual:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-03-04

Office X64 Version Compatibility Problems

There have been sporadic reports of incompatibility between 64-Bit Office VBA and the 64-bit OpenDSSEngine COM server. A typical error is some kind of "access violation" that may come out of KLUsolve. This error means that there is a bogus memory address and the program tried to access a memory location that it is not allowed to access.

The problem does not seem to occur on Windows 7. At least we have no reports of problems. Most of the reports come from folks running Windows 8.1 and it is assumed Windows 10 may have the same issues. There are sporadic reports of installer failures and registration failures on these systems. You may get a complaint that you do not have sufficient privileges to install the program. You will probably have to perform these operations from an elevated administrator level. I have found that simply repeating the operation will sometimes solve the complaint, so we may have to update our installer once we figure out what the issue is.... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-01-29

Example from Brazil Posted

There is a vibrant OpenDSS user community in Brazil. Paulo Radatz, a student at the University of Sao Paulo, wrote a nice report for his undergraduate project and has contributed the DSS files from his project as a good example of how to use the program.

The report is in Portuguese, but is still understandable if you know the language of mathematics and OpenDSS script.

You can find everything at:... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2016-01-05

Installer for just posted

In the files download area. is still there for the moment.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-12-10

Speed Up Your COM Interface Access

Davis Montenegro has done some investigation of how to do early binding to the COM interface in various languages and posted a description in the Help forum:

There is also a report of his study results attached to the posting as well as in the Doc Folder: read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-10-28

Release Version Posted

Several new Export commands. Also, some new properties in the COM interface as well as cumulative additions and bug fixes since,

You can get it from the main download site for OpenDSS.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-08-02

Technotes and Q&A PDFs Posted

Until we can get the Mediawiki back up and working, I've posted PDFs of many of the pages here:

These documents contain many useful materials and I recommend all users download these and read them.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-01-31 Rolls out Cloud Interface to OpenDSS

See the announcement on the Open Discussion Forum or visit Xendee.Com.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-01-26

7,6,4,38 Beta build posted: Enhanced @var capability

The variable facility (@var) in OpenDSS has been enhanced. You can now use variables to define element names and bus connections.

This allows you to define a generic description of an subnetwork that might be used repeatedly and use the var facility to set the actual values. As an example, see: read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-01-26 Beta posted with update LOAD model for Harmonics analysis

This beta includes an updated LOAD model for harmonics analysis that is described in the following document:

Of course, the Beta versions may be found in these folders:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2015-01-09

Installer for released and posted

An installer for version 7.6.4 build 36 has been posted on in the usual place:

This version has several updates and bug fixes:

Var Command/ Named Variables in Scripting

This version introduces named variables in OpenDSS script. This enables scripts like the one below that uses named variables (beginning with the ‘@’ character) to define text strings to be used in the scripts. The ‘var’ command was introduced to define and display variable values:... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-12-02

Release 7.6.4 beta build posted

I just posted a new beta build of 7.6.4 version. You can find it at the usual place:

Please report any issues found.

There a couple of significant changes that warranted increment the release version from 7.6.3 to 7.6.4. The build number remains sequential so it is easier to see where issues may have cropped up.... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-09-24

Magic Carpet Ride

The Magic Carpet Ride video of a cloud passing over a distribution feeder with rooftop solar PV generation has been posted onto this site. You can find a link to it here:

Note that this is a 20 MB download.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-08-21 Installer posted

Installer for 7.6.3 build 31. Various minor bug fixes and enhancements. Most are discussed in the Discussion Forum. Search for recent references where users were instructed to get the latest beta.

Still looking for a suitable host for the Mediawiki site.

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-08-13

Type Library Documentation Site Down

The MediaWiki site on that supported the Type Library Documentation has been retired as of 6/19/2014. Unfortunately, we didn't know it was being retired until after the fact and are now actively investigating other means of posting the material that was once on the OpenDSS Wiki.

Roger Dugan 6/24/2014

See the PDF for the COM interface documentation: read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-06-24

Type Library Documentation Posted

We have created a page in the Wiki that lists the entire type library with enums, interface definitions, with properties and methods. You can find the documentation here:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-05-29

Beta Posted

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-05-14

Reminder: Smart Inverter Documentation Available

See Wes Sunderman's post in the Experts thread:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-05-02

Parser Interface Added

At Version we added an interface to the internal OpenDSS Parser.

Check out the documentation in the Wiki:

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-04-28

Beginners and Expert Forums Added

The Help and Open Discussion forums have had a mixture of requests from all experience levels of users. This can make it difficult to wade through hundreds of posts to find what you want. So we've added two new forums: Expert and Beginners.

The posts in the Expert Forum will be for those users with advanced needs and questions.

The posts in the Beginners forum will be for those users needing basic help getting started.... read more

Posted by Roger Dugan 2014-01-28

Version Installer Posted

The version installer has been posted. The installer is still available at the same site in case you have a problem with the version.

There are several additions and bug fixes since June 2013, including:

  • Force balanced currents on Generator Model 7, PVSystem, and Storage models, which emulates the way some inverters control currents while interconnected.
  • Improvements to Show Currents report
  • Additional COM interfaces: XYCurves, Reclosers, Relays, PDElements
  • Save Circuit function improved
  • Option to turn off registry update at shutdown (to keep previous defaults)
  • More consistent handling of base frequency definitions.
  • Infrastructure for reliability calcs added.
  • Transformer taps can now go negative including zero (for autotransformer modeling)
  • The process of drawing bus markers on circuit plot changed and corrected so they don't get covered up.
  • X12, X13, X23 properties added to Transformer (as aliases for XHL, XHT, XLT)
  • Export Nodenames command added to assist in developing scripts
  • Node order in COM interface made more consistent (see Tech Note in MediaWiki)
  • Voltages and puVoltages now return values in node order from smallest to largest
  • Update to the Monitors interface to help users extract values from the memory stream. (See Tech Note on this subject)... read more
Posted by Roger Dugan 2013-11-04

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