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File Uploader module updated

Fixed some errors in the File Uploader. Both an upgrade for upload-1.0rc1 (included in ealier patch / database package) and a new "release candidate" may be found at the Download section here at sourceforge, package "enCore v5 Files".

Good luck.
- Daniel

Posted by Daniel Jung 2006-11-17

build 001 patchfix for v5 Beta

The 5 Beta has a patchfix (build 001) that fixes

- the chat echo being ON by default
- the new command style (talking without quotes) being OFF by default
- some issues with $eng_utils (like: its existence)
- "Edit time" and "Edit expiry date" tabs not showing correctly in the Object Editor
- a lacking mail subject label in the Forum Mailer
- a lacking "Access" tab in the Object Editor
- "Login" tab not showing in the Object Editor (called from Administration module, "settings" tab)
- light bulb icon not adjusting size according to user preferences
- $enCore_web_utils:parse_url potentially returning port numbers in URLs as strings... read more

Posted by Daniel Jung 2006-11-17