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Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 4 is released

here is the changelog:
* [Bug] It is now really possible to hit monsters with axes and warhammers while in fuzzy mode.
* [Bug] In pygame mode, you can use '1' to '4' keys from the keypad to change your equipped weapon.
* [Bug] No more crashing to desktop when hitting a wrong key under moe-pygame.
* [Feature] In pygame mode, a menu is displayed to play multiple games without quitting each time.
* [Feature] In pygame mode, if 'random' dungeon selected in 'moe.ini', the same random dungeon will be proposed from game to game.
* [Feature] On floor level 'n', monsters can only progress to level 'n + n-1'.... read more

Posted by Altefcat 2008-03-21

Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 2 release

Some bugs have been erased, and I've changed the second part of the game to make it more interesting. If you manage to reach the Balrog levels, you'll see why !

Happy gaming ;-)

Version 1.0 beta 2:
- sword charge is now effective only if the player hits the monster in the same direction of his charge
- inventory now displays te player active weapon min and max damage
- mushrooms cannot be dropped on stairs anymore
- player can rest and eat mushrooms while in berzerk mood
- weapon flavor names have been changed
- monsters are now different kinds of demons
- the status bar displays HP and mood in different colors
- player can get higher than level 10
- monsters can move in 8 directions from level 6
- M9 can summon a friend when fully healed and eating a mushroom
- readme.txt file updated

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-29

Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 1 released

Here is the first beta release of the final 1.0 version of Mines of Elderlore.

This version is released for feedback and debugging. Please read the 'readme.txt' file inside the folder of the game for more details about the game.

Playing from the source file:
Download this file: and extract it to a folder. Launch it with "python" (you need Python and the Numeric module to launch it).... read more

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-26

Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 1 released

Here is the first beta release of the final 1.0 version of Mines of Elderlore.

This version is released for feedback and debugging. Please read the 'readme.txt' file inside the folder of the game for more details about the game.

What's new with 1.0:
- new key 'h', 'F2', 'F3' and 'F4' for in-game help
- frenzy and berzerk player state
- bumping in a wall, displaying inventory or hitting a wrong key does not cost a round anymore
- you can charge with swords
- you can push and knock with warhammers
- you can whirlwind with axes
- chaining monsters with special attacks increases damage and xp
- if wounded, a monster is healed when eating a mushroom; if at full HP, it gains a level
- player keeps memory of visited dungeons by ancestors
- a movie of every finished game is recorded in the 'movie' folder; to play it back, type "python movies/" in shell, or "moe.exe movies/" under Windows command line
- a morgue file is created for each different dungeon, filled with records from dead players

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-26

Mines of Elderlore version 0.9 is released

Here is a new release of my 7drl roguelike. You can launch the windows binary, or (better) run the Python file '' under some free OS with Python, Numeric and curses installed.

What's new :
- new colors on the screen :
* monsters are magenta
* potions and mushrooms are green
* player is white when healhty, yellow when hp < 2/3 hpmax, and red when hp < hpmax/3
* stairs are yellow
* weapons are blue, and bold if usefull
- new colors in messages
- some balancing in player advancement and monster damage
- Now there is a winning case; if you succeed, the least rounds it took you, the better.
- messages are displayed on the right for better reading.

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-17

Mines of Elderlore, a 7 day roguelike

Mines of Elderlore is a roguelike I have developped in 7 days for the 7DRL challenge (

You are a young hero and to prove your strength, you decide to clean the mines nearby your native village. Only armed with your training sword, you enter a maze of rooms and corridors.

## : walls
.. : floor you can see
++ : a door; bump into it to open it
M~ : monster sleeping; it will awake at your approach
Mn : monster level n
! : a health potion; (d)rink it to recover all your Health Points
* : a magic mushroom; when you (r)est, you can eat them to recover
HP. Don't let monsters eat them !
/n : a sword of level n
Pn : an axe of level n
|n : a spear of level n
Tn : a warhammer of level n
&/ : you ! (with a sword)... read more

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-16

A new website has been launched for the next release of Lands of Elderlore:

This website will blog in english the current development of the game, gather resources about roguelikes, and announce when release 0.1 is ready. Stay tuned !

Posted by Altefcat 2008-01-29

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.9

At last, here is a new release of Lands of Elderlore. This release is still a view-only release, since you can wander in the fractal worlds it generates, but rest of the game is not implemented yet.

Here is the changelog. Have fun !

New functunalities :
- New fonts are used
- There is now a message when you destroy an object
- Roads and rivers take the shortest way if possible on Zone view
- Forests are populated with the cave generation algorithm
- Tempered forests have now some dead trees
- Deserts have now cactus and dead trees
- New roads and rivers on World view
- New introduction music theme "Jester's tear"
- Some animals have been added on the Zone view with the file animaux.csv
(but they do nothing)
- Objects are now handled with the file inventaire.csv
- New mouse shape when over player
- New isometric display on Zone view :
- TAB key makes you turn yourself anti clockwise
- Sift + TAB makes you turn yourself clockwise
- < key switches between Zone view and World view
- CTRL + g displays two different kind of grid on the Zone view (thank
you Anvilfolk !)
- A cardinal point have been added in the upper left corner... read more

Posted by Altefcat 2007-07-30

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.8

New version 0.0.8 is released.

What's new with it ? Here is the changelog.

You need last release of Ocempgui, pygame and Numeric to launch it.

This is still an in-dev release, expect something more funny in a couple of releases ! Happy download.

0.0.8 (30/03/2007):
- Areas are now 128 x 128 wide, to allow more detailed villages
- a map of the surrounding areas is available
- villages have some houses in Area mode
- roads and rivers are created from a 1D fractal in Area mode for more diversity
- inventory is on
- player's tile show worn equipment
- you cannot pass from continent to an island anymore on World mode
- you cannot pass from continent to an iceland anymore on World mode
- you cannot cross anymore a river or a mountain when switching from Area to World mode
- 'i' key switches inventory screen on and off
- 'm' key rolls different zoomed maps in Area mode
- 'tab' key switches from Area mode to World mode
- first release of the caracter sheet is published
- playing screen has been organised... read more

Posted by Altefcat 2007-04-02

Lands of Elderlore 0.0.7

This release is not playable yet, but can be of some interest for someone wanting to code an outdoor world.

This release have the following new features :

* a new area system : from each world cell, an area of 32 x 32 cells is built. So with a standard 65 x 65 world, you'll get a 2080 x 2080 playing field.
* a new exploring system : once you've crossed an area, the relative world cell becomes known and you can travel on it on the World view.
* mouse movements : you can move around by clicking with the mouse, or even better by rolling your mouse wheel.
* a new graphical theme I borrowing from the creator of the GUI I am using, OcempGui
* A messaging system

Posted by Altefcat 2007-02-20

Elderlore 0.0.6: release of Windows binary file

To try Elderlore 0.0.6 binary file under Windows, you need to:
- download "" and unzip it under the root of your C drive
- download "" and unzip it wherever you want.

This release is not playable yet, it's just a work-in progress. Actually, about all you see is procedural landcape populated with seas, grass, mountains, forests, deserts, rivers flowing, towns connected with roads and caves.

Posted by Altefcat 2007-01-19