Mines of Elderlore version 0.9 is released

Here is a new release of my 7drl roguelike. You can launch the windows binary, or (better) run the Python file 'moe09.py' under some free OS with Python, Numeric and curses installed.

What's new :
- new colors on the screen :
* monsters are magenta
* potions and mushrooms are green
* player is white when healhty, yellow when hp < 2/3 hpmax, and red when hp < hpmax/3
* stairs are yellow
* weapons are blue, and bold if usefull
- new colors in messages
- some balancing in player advancement and monster damage
- Now there is a winning case; if you succeed, the least rounds it took you, the better.
- messages are displayed on the right for better reading.

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-17

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