Mines of Elderlore, a 7 day roguelike

Mines of Elderlore is a roguelike I have developped in 7 days for the 7DRL challenge (http://roguebasin.roguelikedevelopment.org/index.php?title=7DRL).

You are a young hero and to prove your strength, you decide to clean the mines nearby your native village. Only armed with your training sword, you enter a maze of rooms and corridors.

## : walls
.. : floor you can see
++ : a door; bump into it to open it
M~ : monster sleeping; it will awake at your approach
Mn : monster level n
! : a health potion; (d)rink it to recover all your Health Points
* : a magic mushroom; when you (r)est, you can eat them to recover
HP. Don't let monsters eat them !
/n : a sword of level n
Pn : an axe of level n
|n : a spear of level n
Tn : a warhammer of level n
&/ : you ! (with a sword)

Keys :
- keyboard arrows to move and attack North, South, East and West (no diagonal move)
- space : wait for a round
- d : drink a health potion
- r : rest to recover HP by eating mushroom
- 1 : equip your best sword
- 2 : equip your best axe
- 3 : equip your best spear
- 4 : equip your best warhammer
- i : list your weapons and their quality.
- esc : save and close the game.

Each weapon is different, you have to learn how to use them efficiently. Be creative ! I hope you will enjoy this little game. And remember, if you search deep enough, you may find your true nemesis.

About :
The code is only one file: http://landsof.elderlore.com/files/moe/moe.py. It is all GNU / GPL v2, so I hope it will be of some help for anyone interested.

It runs well under Ubuntu with Python, Numeric and Curses, and under Windows. When launched for the first time (with 'python moe.py'),
it will create an 'moe.ini' file containing different parameters that you can change at will.

After the first play, an 'moe.sav' file is created to keep your progress. Launch again the game and it will continue where you previously stopped.

A board of scores and ranks is keeped, and since every dungeon is the same for everyone, it should be easy to compare performance each other. If you want to explore another dungeon, just change the 'name' value in 'moe.ini'.

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-16

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