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Quick reminder

Just a little note to say I'm messing with the code again. College load is heavy, though, so results may vary.

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2006-05-06

kfandango 0.2.5 - scripted 3d CAD

Fandango is a Python scripted 3d CAD engine.

From this release, commands including just alphanumeric,
spaces, point and minus sign can be written on a cleanest
format (easiest to type).

For example, a command 'foo(-1, 0, 0.5)' can be written on the commandline as 'foo -1 0 0.5' and will be internally translated to the full Python command.

In other news, entities ccan be initialized nested now, Python 2.3 is supported and vertex can be retrieved from an entity through scripting.

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2003-11-09

KFandango 0.2.4: File loading

KFandango is a python scripted, 3D CAD application.

This release allows to use the "Open" dialog to load drawings from simple DXF or pythoncad created XML.

Text drawing has been implemented by using the CXF font format from QCad.

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2003-09-04

KFandango 0.2.3: manual, icons

KFandango is the KDE port of Fandango, a python scripted 3D CAD application.

This version includes for first time a manual in KDE help:/ format. The most important part of it is the definition of the Python API, including examples of most extension functions.

Also, commands that previously had ambiguous icons as pencil or paintbrush have now their own custom icons.

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2003-08-11

KFandango 0.2.2

A long delayed new release of KFandango, python scripted 3D CAD for KDE.

It doesn't contain actual new features. The KDE frontend was improved a lot on the technical side, as was the autotools section.

The user interface is a little easier to use now.

A few nasty bugs were squished, in particular the one that freezed X due to a null pointer dereference on a particular extern script sequence. More error checking was implemented, too.

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2003-05-28

Fandango 0.2.1: interface, KDE3.1

I've just released version 0.2.1 of Fandango, a python scripted 3D CAD.

Now it has menus/buttons/shortcuts that allow to draw lines and triangles using the mouse.

It is developed now under KDE3.1

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2003-03-02

Fandango 0.2.0 ported into KDE

I've just released the KDE port of Fandango.

Fandango is a python scripted 3d CAD program. Drawing constructs can be automatized from python modules. The core allows for line, line strip, triangle and triangle strip primitives.

With this release I expect to make easier for developers to add a user interface.

Posted by Jaime Soffer 2003-02-11