XmlMerge - new action

  • Ido

    Ido - 2008-01-01

    I'm trying to write a new XmlMerge action. The problems is that the action is not running for the elements under the root element, but only for its child elements.
    For example, the xml structure (original and patch):
                Yada yada yada
                Bla bla bla

    The action will only run on elements c & e (and their childs) and not on b & d.
    Do you have any idea why?

    • Philipp H. Oser

      Philipp H. Oser - 2008-01-08


      Sorry for the slow response (I was away from the office).

      I forwarded your question to the author of XMLMerger (the author does not work directly on the project).
      When looking into the issue I wonder: in some samples in the documentation, the child elements of the root element (in your example d and b) are also affected? What is different in those action implementations?
      Does it help to make a comparative debugging (debug both actions "in action" and look into differences)?


    • Laurent Bovet

      Laurent Bovet - 2008-01-15

      How do you configure your merge? If you use the XPath configuration, you have to set your action as the default to be applied on the root. Just put the line:


      in the property file.


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