#14 depgraph:depgraph and depgraph:rec not distinct in docs


The descriptions for these two goals on the page:


are identical. I assume they are different though??

Also, the description for the depgraph:fullgraph goal is almost the same as for the other two, differing in only the last sentence. Perhaps the different actions could be described more clearly? E.g., from brief experience running the two from a parent POM, I found the following:

depgraph: For a simple POM with no submodules, draws a graph of all dependencies (including transitive ones) below it. For a POM with submodules, goes into each leaf POM and generates a separate graph for it.

fullgraph: Same as depgraph for a simple POM, but for a POM with submodules, generates a combined dependency graph incorporating all modules.


  • Philipp H. Oser

    Philipp H. Oser - 2008-02-25
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  • Philipp H. Oser

    Philipp H. Oser - 2008-02-25

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    Thanks for the bug report. We have fixed the doc (in svn). The depgraph:rec was already deprecated (in svn only).

    The doc update will be on the website as soon as the new release is out (beginning of this week).


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