fuzzyjulz - 2005-02-07

I am currently working on a project that will most likely require quite a heavy amount of formatting for text documents, and i think that this is probably my only choice for a RTF editor. Basically what i will be tryign to create is a method to transfer (from from a database, via ASP.NET) an RTF document, which will be editable (with images), which then can be updated back to the database in RTF format, with images. Now i understand that this will basically mean that i will have to rip this product apart a little, but from my brief look, i think that this should be do-able.

I was just wondering if anyone would also be interested in this functionality, as i will probably have to develop this in my own time :-(

Anyway, just wanted to send you a note of my intentions, to see if anyone had any comments.

ps. great product!