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  • Karsten Pawlik

    Karsten Pawlik - 2003-08-24

    here's a mail that i send to howard kistler today, wich might be interesting for the community as well:

    Hi howard kistler,
    i tried to mail you some time ago but couldn't reach you. therefore i just try it again.

    meanwhile i customized ekit for dedi (,
    added some features and fixed some bugs.
    heres the list of changes:
    - larger icons with different, easier to understand pictograms.
    - menubar and toolbar can be switched on or off via applet-parameters.
    - each top-level-menuitem can be turned on or off via applet-parameter.
    - implemented support for loading more than one stylesheet
    - support for indenting/de-indenting is implemented.
    - new buttons for de-/indenting
    - buttons for align left/center/right/justify
    - button for insert server image
    - optional second toolbar (can be disabled via applet parameter)
    - anchor dialog now supports target-parameter.
    - insert special character dialog now implemented
    - new cgi-interface for fetching links and server-side-images from a cms
    - search-button
    - color-chooser button
    - table-dialog button
    - syntax highlighting for java >= 1.4.0
    - signed the applet to support cut-and-paste.

    - clear all styles works now.
    - links can now be removed without leaving an <a> tag behind in the code.
    - fixed bug with de-/indent that only indentation could only be performed once.
    - problems with javascript and IE are fixed now (object-tag is not
    necessary. an applet tag cannot be addressed as a form-object in
    javascript - instead of document.form.applet.getDocumentText() i'm now
    using document.applet.getDocumentText())

    a preview of the modified applet can be found here:
    the code can be obtained from here (momentarily, this might change some time in the future.)

    best regards

    • Eusebio Barriga

      Eusebio Barriga - 2003-09-04

      Great update.

      It's works fine with Explorer and Mozilla Firebird. If you make more changes... post a new message or send me a email (

      I'm using now your updated version.

      THANKS !!!!

    • Karsten Pawlik

      Karsten Pawlik - 2003-09-07

      hi eusebio,
      i put the modified version of ekit on my website:
      thats also the place where i will put all updates.
      unfortunately the site is in german - english will follow soon, though. you can find the modified ekit by clicking on projekte -> java -> wysiwyg editor.
      best regards


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