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  • Eusebio Barriga

    Eusebio Barriga - 2003-04-17


    I'm a spanish webmaster and i love this applet !!! I have a little question about it.

    I need to edit HTML code but without the <html><head></head><body>...</body></html> tags.

    If i load html of my database (for example: <b>Hello world</b>) the applet add the headers... i don't need that!

    Thanks and sorry if my english is not very good !!!

    Eusebio Barriga Ortega

    • Samuel Alfonso Velazquez Diaz


      You can customize ekit to return only the content inside the body tags with only javascript or take a look at EkitCore.java for the implementation/customization details.

    • Howard Kistler

      Howard Kistler - 2003-04-18

      You can use the getDocumentBody() method to return the text within the BODY tags.

      Howard Kistler

    • Eusebio Barriga

      Eusebio Barriga - 2003-04-23

      The Ekit.getDocumentBody() don't work for me... only the Ekit.getDocumentText().

      Any idea ??

      And when we can use the copy and paste from others aplications (word, notepad, wordpad, web browser...)

      Thanks !!!

      • Matthew Preston

        Matthew Preston - 2003-04-23

        Sounds strange, have both working for me.  If you post your javascript function or page might be able to help you out.

        For copy/paste, there is a block of code currently commented out because it requires a signed applet to work. 

    • Eusebio Barriga

      Eusebio Barriga - 2003-04-24

      The code is:

      document.nuevosdatos.dnoticia.value = document.nuevosdatos.Ekit.getDocumentBody();

      And don't work... if i change getDocumentBody() to getDocumentText() ... work ok.

      I use the last version from the webpage.

      Thanks !!!


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