Several questions...

Ivan Voras
  • Ivan Voras

    Ivan Voras - 2003-06-12

    I'm using ekit 0.9g, and there are coumple of issues I cannot resolve:

    * Insert->Image from file fails with "Runtime Exception" dialog
    * Insert->Image from server doesn't do anything. As I understand, I need an 'image server' to use images like that?
    * Sometimes, trying to insert a table just pops a dialog saying 'Bad Location Exception'.
    * I can't seem to find any documentation on Ekit. Maybe I've downloaded a wring package, but except for the README (which describes mainly the GUI, as I remember), is there no documentation?

    • PsyckBoy

      PsyckBoy - 2003-06-25

      You probably just need to sign the jar file using jarsigner. I had the same problem until I signed it.


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