Memory Leaks (Cleanup?) in Ekit Applet

  • Daniel Cane

    Daniel Cane - 2003-03-18

    I'm seeing some pretty heafty memory usage on my clients. It appears that the editor when loaded uses ~10M of RAM, but when move off the page, the JVM is not returning the memory. If I go to a page with the editor >10 times I use up >100M of RAM and Java produces a nice: java.lang.OutOfMemory error.

    Ideas on cleanup?


    Daniel Cane

    • Samuel Alfonso Velazquez Diaz

      Could you tell  more about the scenario:
      OS/JVM version/JVM vendor/Browser.....


    • Anonymous - 2003-04-08

      I also experienced the exact same behavior.  You can sit there and hit the reload button, and every time you do, it adds another ~8meg.  I was able to reproduce this on both IE and Mozilla.

      Just FYI, this is a build with the Spellchecker included.  Here are the vitals:

      OS: Windows 2000
      JVM version: Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.1_02-b06)
      Browser: Both IE and Mozilla 1.3

      Thanks for a great app.

    • Anonymous - 2003-04-08

      Forgot to mention, I also get this behavior from the Applet on the Hexidec Demo site.  Just sit there and hit the reload button, and watch the memory increase in the Task Manager.

    • Howard Kistler

      Howard Kistler - 2003-04-18

      Appears to be a Spellchecker problem. Try using the version without it unless it's necessary. Also, a user sent me a potential fix, so I'm working on adding that to the next release.

      Howard Kistler


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