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David O.
  • David O.

    David O. - 2002-12-12

    First off - this is an awesome application!  Something I've been looking forward to.  I am looking at integrating with a couple of CMS systems (namely, Mambo and PHPNuke) and the only information I really need is:

    1) How do I pass page content from the applet into php? 

    I am not a java expert by any degree so am not sure how to save/export the changes made back into the mysql database using php.  Any help, suggestions, references will be appreciated.  There is likely some simple function that does it (javascript's getAppletContents ?) that would work.

    I am also working on a way to get the interface to load a LIST of images that can be placed inside the editor as a positionable "object" to help circumvent the image loading problem with the Java pluigin security.  If anyone wants to jump in, let me know.

    David O.

    • Samuel Alfonso Velazquez Diaz

      I don't know about the images process (I'm also looking forward to do that).

      But about passing the data to PHP / CGI script you have 2 ways:

      1.- Use a javascript, could be fired with an HTML button and get all the contents of the applet, and fill out a hidden input text with the contents and then, perform the post operation.

      2.- The other way is to do a post inside the Applet with the standard URL, URLConnection objects.

    • Samuel Alfonso Velazquez Diaz

      In step 1, I forgot to type some javscirpt code that could help:

      document.EkitDemoForm.TextViewer.value = document.EkitDemoForm.Ekit.getDocumentText();



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