#1 TODO: for Enchanted KF 0.1

Sam Gleske

TODO to move keyfinder out of planning and into alpha/beta.

Site Features:
Create a cvs or svn repository for collaborative project modification (likely cvs).
Create a community wiki for comprehensive documentation.
Create an anonymous editor wiki article for community modification of config file keyfinder.cfg.

Multilingual support
Save configurations in local ini file (improve portability of keyfinder) instead of in the registry.
Update URLs within source code to reflect current websites.


  • Daniel Jensen

    Daniel Jensen - 2011-01-09

    Please, not CVS. There are good developers out there who will refuse to bother dealing with projects that cling to CVS because they find it to be an outdated nuisance. Sourceforge has native SVN and Mercurial support; either of those are well-regarded by most developers and have a lot of advantages over CVS.

  • Sam Gleske

    Sam Gleske - 2011-01-14

    As per jensend's advice I created the SVN repo. Right now I'm going through a delphi learning curve. So it might be a while before I do any updates on the actual program. I've not taken on a Delphi project previously.

    I simply noticed the source to keyfinder was no longer available and it was being pitched as a proprietary program. I released the source once again of the original GPL versions to benefit the community.

    I plan to release any future versions under a new name to avoid any confusion.

  • Sam Gleske

    Sam Gleske - 2011-01-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sag47
  • Sam Gleske

    Sam Gleske - 2011-01-17
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Sam Gleske

    Sam Gleske - 2011-01-17
    • milestone: --> Implemented
    • status: open --> closed
  • Sam Gleske

    Sam Gleske - 2011-01-17

    Multilingual support will have to wait for a future release. All other tasks have been completed for Keyfinder.


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